Before buying a paint by numbers kit, it is essential to take several factors into account. Just like when purchasing a book, where you would assess the author, summary, price, and publisher to ensure it meets your needs, buying a paint by numbers kit requires careful consideration.


While paint by numbers kits for adults and kids are known for their therapeutic value, it is important that the cost not cause unnecessary stress. It is advisable to select a kit that is within your budget.

Delivery Terms:

Thoroughly check the delivery terms on the website. Avoid sources with poor delivery times or inadequate packaging that may result in damaged products. Choose a source that guarantees safe and timely delivery within 5-7 business days.

Tool Quality:

Assessing the quality of the tools provided in the kit is crucial. Do not be swayed solely by attractive images online; instead, consider recommendations from friends, family, or existing customers. Read reviews and feedback to make an informed decision and choose a kit with high-quality tools.

Reliable Services:

Do not overlook the importance of reliable services when selecting a store. Ensure that the store offers dependable customer support and addresses any issues that may arise. Avoid stores located in distant countries to avoid complications with orders.

Different Themes:

Consider your specific requirements when selecting a paint by numbers kit with different themes. Always consider the purpose of your painting, including the space where you plan to hang it. Choose a theme that aligns with your painting plan and suits your preferences.

Canvas Shape and Size:

Paint by numbers kits for adults come in various canvas sizes, such as 40 x 50 cm, but sizes may vary depending on the store. Look for suppliers that offer genuine and authentic home decor options, including landscape, panoramic, large format, and multi-panel designs.

Frame Bars:

Check if the kit includes a stretcher bar or if the supplier offers one separately. A well-crafted frame can enhance the vibrancy of your finished artwork. Consider DIY options or professional framing services, especially for long format or multi-panel paint by numbers.

Read reviews, explore different options, and ensure the kit includes all the necessary accessories. When choosing a supplier, explore their new products to discover a wide range of options.

Now that you have considered these factors, let's understand how a paint by numbers kit actually works. Each kit typically includes a sample canvas, a coded canvas sheet, pre-numbered acrylic colours, and various-sized paintbrushes. Depending on your painting plan, you can also opt for a custom paint by numbers UK kit featuring your favourite portrait. These kits are affordable and available at enticing prices, such as those offered by Paint with Numbers.

Art Procedure Using a Paint by Numbers Kit:

A paint by numbers kit is an excellent way to tap into your artistic side. It is specifically designed for all skill levels, allowing you to enjoy every brushstroke. Each kit is carefully crafted with top-quality tools, including a sample canvas, a coded canvas, pre-numbered colour paints, a guide sheet, and different paintbrushes that provide a flexible grip and colour texturing. Simply match the numbers on the canvas with the corresponding pre-numbered paints and fill in each section accordingly.

As you progress, you will witness your artwork taking shape, one colour at a time. It is a therapeutic and rewarding experience that allows anyone to create beautiful paintings with precision and creativity. Whether you are a seasoned artist or a beginner, a paint by numbers kit offers a fun and engaging way to unleash your creativity and produce impressive artwork. The same procedure applies to custom paint by numbers craftwork.

Final Words:

Paint by numbers UK is an enchanting art form that involves painting pre-coded colours on a numbered canvas. Ensure you consider all the mentioned factors when choosing a paint by numbers kit for adults or kids. Specifically, when selecting a kit for children, try offering them different options like watercolours, crayons, and paints based on their interests.

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